Rates and Services

Zoey the cat in luxury cat boarding accommodations at Cranberry Hill Cattery

Here at Cranberry Hill Cattery, we aim to provide comfortable accommodations for your cat at a reasonable price. Your cat will stay in a spacious six-foot enclosure equipped with a bed, perches, scratching pad, stainless steel litter box and dishes, and even a heated hammock!

In order to promote well-being, we do not allow cats from different homes to socialize. Each cat will be allowed its own time to leave the cat condo, wander about, bird watch, play with a variety of cat toys, climb the floor to ceiling cat tree, and more. Your cat can enjoy soft music, beautiful views of cranberry bogs, swans on the lake, and yes, birds!. We will regularly send updates and photos via texts.

Requirements for Stay

  • Cats must be spayed or neutered
  • Must be free from fleas
  • Provide documentation of vaccinations from vet
  • Must have list of medications, feeding instructions including quantity and frequency, and any special instructions (if any)
  • Any conditions we should be aware of – litter box issues, shyness, nervousness (if any)
  • Must provide name, address, and phone number(s) of veterinarian
  • Must provide emergency contact information
  • Completed Boarding Agreement & Policies
  • Reservations longer than 14 days require a 50% non refundable deposit at the time of dropoff
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Slots fill up quickly so contact us today at (774) 417-6388 to schedule!


$45/day for one cat
$10/day for 2nd cat in same condo
$4/day for medication administration

We offer long-term stays.
Ask about our Return Delivery Service!

Senior discount available.

For Any Inquiries, Please Contact 774-417-6388